Computer, smartphone, tablet, and electronic service and support.

Business Mission Statement:

I provide rapid, professional, and ongoing computer, electronic, and IT support to businesses and individuals in the Tulsa area.






  • Custom Business Solutions: Explain to me what you need, and I will find a way to accomplish it.

  • Diagnostics: CPU tests, RAM memory tests, hard drive tests, network tests, etc

  • Demonstration and Education: I answer your questions, and I teach you what you want to know.

  • Remote Assistance: With the proper software I can remotely connect to your computer to solve problems.

  • Privacy and Security: Firewalls, Disk Encryption, E-mail Encryption, File Encryption, Cloud Encryption, etc

  • Networking: Routers, switches, wi-fi, network file sharing, CAT5 cable termination, etc. My background in amateur radio helps me get the most out of your wi-fi. If your router and your neighbor's router are using the same radio spectrum, it causes interference for both of you. I can help get your wi-fi onto a clean channel. The 2.5 GHZ band, which most routers operate on, is very congested in populated areas. I can move your network to the much larger and far less populated 5 GHZ wi-fi spectrum.

  • Builds/Upgrades: Overclocking, benchmarking, performance testing, stability testing, etc

  • Smart Phone/Tablet Support: Anything and everything but broken screen replacement.

  • Printer Support: I service a large Lexmark dealer, and I have a lot of experience setting up, networking, and troubleshooting modern printers and scanners.

  • Virus/Spyware removal: I fix viruses and spyware on computers. I can usually do this on-site.

  • Television/Projector/Stereo support:  Setup, troubleshooting, configuration, cable recommendation, etc

  • Analog to Digital Conversion: I can convert your old VHS tapes, audio cassettes, 8mm tapes (Handycam etc) to a digital file that can be saved on your computer, burned to CD/DVD, played on your phone, tablet, or sent over the Internet.

  • Advice on what to buy or what software to use: I am happy to explore your needs and help you make buying decisions. Apple? Windows? iPhone? Android? Dual Core? Quad Core? Solid State Drive? Monitor comparison? Camera comparison? Someone that uses a computer to processes video has different performance needs than someone who uses a computer for web surfing and E-mail. Are you paying for internet bandwidth you don't use? I can check.

  • Anything similar or related: Ask me about your problem, I can probably help.



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