All prices are negotiable as part of an ongoing and customized service agreement.


General Rate:

$100 /hr

Advanced/Server Rate:

$150 /hr

On-site service subject to 1 hr minimum charge

Remote service subject to 1/2 hr minimum charge


General Level on-site service is $100/hr and covers all Windows and Apple desktop support work.

Server/Advanced Level is $150/hr and covers work done on Windows Server, Linux Server, custom software coding, etc and also includes advanced networking tasks such as advanced patch panels, advanced switches, enterprise firewalls, etc.


Emergency On-site Service (On location in less than 1 hour)*

1 hour additional added at applicable rate

*Emergency support/service availability is subject to workload and other factors. Availability is not guaranteed.


Additional Support Charges:

I always try to make scheduled clients my top priority. However, there are times when another client will encounter a technology emergency and require immediate assistance. In the event that I am asked to reschedule, or otherwise take time away from a scheduled client in order to provide help to another, I may assess an additional charge. The amount of this charge will depend on many factors, including the amount of inconvenience caused to the scheduled client. Additional charges may also be assessed for jobs involving unusual urgency, time, location, travel, hazards, and other factors that demand additional commitment.